Königsallee 63 – 65
40215 Düsseldorf, Germany


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Range of medical services

We offer our patients the complete spectrum of modern, reproductive medical treatments:

  • Infertility diagnosis in women:
    Monitoring cycle, hormone diagnostics and Echovist (ultrasound­‐guided presentation of the fallopian tubes by contrast medium)
  • Infertility diagnosis in men:
    Semen and Spermiogrammfunktionstest
  • Fertility Check
    Certainty in one day
  • Ovarian stimulation therapy
    Hormone treatment to produce eggs in women
  • Intrauterine insemination homologous
    Introduction of sperm into the uterus of the partner
  • Heterologous insemination
    Introduction of sperm from a donor into the uterus
  • IVF (in vitro fertilization)
    Fertilization of the egg outside the body and inserted into the uterus
  • natural IVF
    Artificial insemination without hormone treatment 
  • EmbryoGlue
    Medium to support the implantation (implantation)
  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
    Introduction of a sperm directly into the egg with impaired semen quality
  • PKD (polar body)
    Genetic study of the fertilized egg
  • Laser Assisted Hatching
    Laser treatment of the embryo or slip Help
  • Blastocystentransfer
    Cultivation of embryos to day 5
  • PICSI (Hyaluronbindungstest)
    Method for the selection of sperm prior to ICSI treatment
    (Increasing the fertilization rate)
  • Cryopreservation
    Freezing of fertilized oocytes, sperm and testicular tissue
  • Cryoembryotransfer
    Insertion of previously frozen egg cells and culturing the embryo
    Procedures for the use of testicular tissue from the testicles entnommenem or sperm for ICSI treatment
  • Calcium ionophore 
    Increase Einzellaktivität after ICSI in the cell cultivation
    (Increasing the fertilization rate)
  • intrauterine HCG gift
    HCG administration in the uterus before the embryo transfer
    (Increase in implantation rate)
  • Einnistungsspritze
    Administration of GnRH agonist to Transfer
  • Psychological/Psychiatric intervention
  • Social Freezing
    precautionary freezing of unfertilized oocytes